Turquoise Jewelry Collection at Dealiom

While we offer one of the best ranges of turquoise jewelry, we also enlighten you with all about it. Jewelry is known to be a woman's best friend. Even men wear it sometimes and can pull it off pretty nicely. It's something which adds taste and extra bling to your entire outfit. Making the entire look classy and also make it seem more expensive. There are so many semi-precious stones. All have their own unique colors and textures. While most of the people prefer diamonds, other semi-precious stones must not be neglected as they are no less beautiful.

The importance of  Turquoise

One of the stones which stands out and turns heads is Turquoise. Turquoise jewelry has the ability to brighten up your entire look and is amazing for people with blue eyes as it makes them pop more. It is highly versatile and its bright color in combination with its smooth texture makes it a real winner. It often comes in blues and also beautiful tones of subtle gray-green and also is streaked with black veins making it look even more unique.

People often think that due to the bright color of the stone, it is hard to wear and carry but nothing could be a bigger misconception than this. It is actually a stone which you will always end up wearing and need nothing else. If you want it to be understated, you could always get a ring with a small piece of turquoise or a pendant adorned by the stone. If you are a jewelry lover, your collection is incomplete without this, so get yours now. This is why we offer a unique and beautiful variety of all types of turquoise jewelry such as pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets and anything you need. The quality of the turquoise used it also top-notch while being designed in a way that they look both trendy and unique. The vast range allows you to choose whatever fits your style best.

It is the birthstone for those born in December and is known worldwide for its exquisitely polished quality and vibrant bright colors. When talking about turquoise jewelry, often the Southwest side of America would come into your mind. This is because turquoise was seen a lot in the Native American tradition jewelry and art. Although it's seldom that you see it alone as it is mostly combined with silver or carnelian. When combines with silver, it gives you a very cool and soothing look with the lunar glow of the silver and the cool blue tone of turquoise. With carnelian, on the other hand, both being bright colors complement each other and the turquoise gives a rather fluorescent glow. This is once again an example of how versatile this stone can be.


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History behind Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise, as we know, is seen in Native American jewelry greatly but it is also seen and appreciated in much far off places like Africa and Greece. It is also linked with luck and many cultures find it to be a lucky stone. With its smooth polish and bright blue color, it is attributed to be a lucky charm for wealth, luck and safety at sea. Another example of its versatility is that it is often seen as the main piece in jewelry and also as an accent piece. It is not quite often that its unique blue color is not recognized, it never goes unnoticed. Keeping such historical importance, we know the importance of the stone and make sure the pieces do justice to it.

One important thing to note is that a real turquoise is quite hard to find. It is pretty rare. Most of them are either dyed or treated, but even this fact does not diminish its gorgeousness and appeal. There are many hand-beaten ones found in Southwest America but the ones found in African, Persian and Chinese jewelry are not to be missed as they too have quite a vast experience in working with this stone.

Many of turquoise jewelry has been found dating back to Egyptian times. These ancient cultures greatly loved and appreciated the beauty of the blue-green mineral stone. Throughout the course of history, many cultures manufactured turquoise jewelry and even many items which had turquoise stones incorporated in them. If we look back to the Native American history, they cherished the stone and also considered it a very essential part of their colorful and vibrant heritage.

One of the most versatile stones

Turquoise jewelry will make a great gift for anyone. But, it is the greatest gift you could give to someone born in December. This is because this particular stone is the birthstone for those who are born in December. Its versatility is greatly appreciated as it can look gorgeous in silver and also won’t fail to turn heads when worn with 24-carat gold. You will find both types in our collection.

A stone for everyone

Other than that these can look beautiful in earrings and also look stunning in elaborate necklaces. The value of turquoise jewelry pieces can vary. A small piece can cost a few dollars but of course, as the quality improves, the price increases as well. Also, the cost of other stones in the piece can increase or decrease the price as well. When it comes to cutting turquoise, it is pretty easy to cut as it's not naturally a hard mineral. It can be cut into any size to fit any type of piece of jewelry. It also goes through a hardening process once the mineral is cut into the desired shape and size so that it can be protected.

The most expensive type of turquoise is the one which does not have to go through an elaborate hardening process. Although, it does make the turquoise harder to cut and fit into different pieces of jewelry, due to it being easier to break. The lower quality turquoise requires undergoing a lot of hardening and waxing before it can be put into jewelry and are less sought after. The color of the turquoise also has an impact on the value and price of the jewelry. It the turquoise in the piece of jewelry has a sky blue color then its value will be much higher than that of a greenish-blue turquoise.

Care after you own one

As turquoise is pretty fragile, proper care must be taken when wearing turquoise jewelry. It is also quite vulnerable when it comes to solvents as it is a phosphate mineral. Adequate care must be taken to keep this stone away from perfume, skin oils and chemical cleaning fluids. All of this will deteriorate the color and the shine of this particular gemstone. Whether its hairspray, cosmetics, sunscreen and perfume, these must be applied before putting on the piece of jewelry. We truly want you to know and feel the luxury you are wearing.