Whether you're looking to infuse a bit of your family's heritage into your special day or just love the design and symbolism of Celtic knots, these traditions are unique and memorable touches that you may want to include in your wedding whether you're of Celtic ancestry or not! In case you need a little help figuring out what's best for you, here's just a little background on five of the most popular Celtic wedding traditions to help you decide what feels most authentic culturally and appropriate spiritually.

(customers Amanda Richards & Bobby Dawson were married at Farmington Castle in Co. Limerick -- photo submitted by the couple)



You're hearing it from the experts at Walker's Celtic Jewelry: you don't have to be of Irish or Scottish descent to wear and love the symbolic interwoven designs of Celtic jewelry!

white gold and sapphire wedding rings by Walkers Celtic Jewelry(Left -- our 14k white gold Josephine's knot wedding bands and a custom Celtic engagement ring with sapphires -- photo submitted by customer.)

photo submitted by our customer Linda McNamara



Wedding rings are the traditional gift exchanged at marriage ceremonies in many cultures around the world, and represent eternity -- a perfect circle with no beginning or end. Celtic knotwork bands are symbolic of that promise of eternal love and commitment. Many of our Celtic rings were designed to have continuous knotwork and interlace patterns that represent that unbreakable bond a couple will share through life's similarly meandering paths, twists and turns, ups and downs. The Josephine's knot or "lovers' knot" -- a pattern with two interwoven strands is especially popular for both men's and women's wedding rings. Whether you're planning ahead and so that your engagement ring and wedding bands work together in a matched set, or you'd like to add the beauty and symbolism of a Celtic wedding band to a solitaire you're already wearing, the experts at Walker's can help!

(at right, 14k white gold Josephine's knot wedding bands with our Cathedral diamond engagement ring, photo submitted by our customer Linda McNamara)

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