Leopard Turquoise Beaded Bracelet

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A beautiful leopard turquoise beaded bracelet that features a lovely arrangement of tiger stone beads, along with a well-designed leopard head. Creating a gorgeous design that you can easily pair with a range of attire.

Wearing the leopard head tiger eye beaded bracelet can help you using its natural healing powers to release anxiety and fear. While allowing you to lead a harmonious and balanced lifestyle, the natural stone bracelet offers a stunning design.

The addition of the leopard head is not just for show, as waring the leopard head can help boost your confidence, strength perseverance, leadership qualities, and independence. As you will be challenging the most common and power traits of a leopard, along with looking fabulous in this beautifully designed bracelet.

  • Color: Silver & Gold
  • Symbol: Leopard
  • Stone: Turquoise

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