Boho Dream Catcher Necklace

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A beautiful and delicate dream catcher necklace that showcases amazing attention to detail. The pendant holds a number of well designed elements that create an elegantly designed and crafted necklace like you have never seen before. The dream catcher is crafted using alloy which offers an authentic design with a modern twist.

Wearing the dream catcher around your neck will not only protect you from evil thoughts and spirits when you sleep. In addition, it will offer you continuous protection from evil spirits around you. Allowing you the ability to hold your ground at all times.

A stunning necklace that is available in two beautiful finishes to choose from. Allowing you to add a charming dream catcher to your appearance that comes in a color that matches your personality. With this necklace, you can enhance your style and appearance while enjoying endless natural benefits.

  • Material: Alloy
  • Stone: Turquoise
  • Shape: Dream Catcher